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Lanxess vessel movements

A live data feed containing all transits of vessels owned or controlled by Lanxess (ETR LXS).

Lanxess vessel movements

Data Start Date:

1 January 2015

Data End Date:

Data is live

Fields Available:

Start location:

  • Start Continent

  • Start Region

  • Start Country

  • Start Port

  • Departure date / time

  • Hours in start port

End location:

  • End Continent

  • End Region

  • End Country

  • End Port

  • Arrival date / time

  • Hours in end port

Vessel data:

  • Vessel Name

  • Vessel Type

  • Vessel DWT

  • Vessel Max Liquid CC (where applicable)

  • Vessel Max TEUs (where applicable)

  • Vessel Age in years

  • Vessel IMO number

  • Vessel MMSI number

  • Vessel Owner (where available)

  • Vessel Controller (where available)

  • Vessel Clean/Dirty (where applicable)

Commodity data:

  • Sailing time / hours

  • Was vessel loaded or empty?

These data sets are not available as part of the standard MariTrace trial.  If you would like to discuss any of these datasets, or the availability of a dataset not listed here, then please email us at or using the button below.  Alternatively, please contact us via our online form.

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