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Bloomberg: Brexit Fish Fight Rages After Navy Ships Sent to Jersey

The U.K. and French navies were drawn into the increasingly bitter dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights on Thursday, as both sides warned they would not back down.

The governments in Paris and London deployed their military ships to keep the peace after dozens of French fishing boats mounted a protest in the waters off the British isle of Jersey.

While the day’s intense activity in the sea around the 45-square mile (116-square kilometre) island ended without major incident, the argument over access for European fishing fleets to U.K. waters continued to grow. French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minster Boris Johnson are expected to discuss the dispute in coming days, the Times of London reported Friday, citing a senior U.K. government official.

“It was a symbolic action to show our muscle and determination,” said Jean-Luc Hall, head of the National Fishing Committee in France. But he added: “If things aren’t quickly solved, they’ll do it again.”


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