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MariTrace appoints new Business Development Director

London, 11 July 2023 - MariTrace has strengthened its leadership team with the appointment of Richard Bradfield as Business Development Director.

Richard Bradfield - MariTrace's Business Development Director
Richard Bradfield - MariTrace's Business Development Director

Richard brings 20 years’ experience as a broker in UK and overseas CEE markets, with a hallmark style and approach which is analytical yet thoughtful, actively drawing on engaged, first-person insights to shape trading decisions. Joining the MariTrace team in London this week, Richard says “I’m delighted to join MariTrace

. I’m looking forward to discovering the black holes in the industry where our unique approach can deliver results … I perceive great scope to expand our service offering to clients in a broader spectrum of industries – financial services, insurance, commodities.”

Remarking on how he plans to utilise and adapt his trading experience for the world of maritime data services, he adds “I believe in the immense value of developing educated conversations, to understand and work with the issues and challenges behind a market, to go out there and discover why a market has evolved … This kind of foundation of understanding builds the pathways to cultivating trusting relationships, one by one, to successfully execute a trade. I’m very excited about adapting and calibrating this niche skill set for the challenges we are seeing in maritime trade and supply chain risk management.”

As a progressive, technology-driven company that is at the leading edge of the maritime data industry, MariTrace is continually refining and evolving the company’s core capabilities and service offerings for the challenges that are shaping maritime risk and global supply chain dynamics. Welcoming Richard, Thomas Owen, CEO of MariTrace, said “I am delighted to welcome Richard to the team. We’re excited that he is joining at this time and we’re looking forward very much to working with him to continue to drive MariTrace in fulfilling greater ambitions.”

To discover how MariTrace can serve your risk analysis, market insights and compliance requirements, contact us for a guided demo of our latest features and capabilities.

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