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The power of MariTrace in your application.

At MariTrace we have developed a library of high performance APIs to manage and analyse the vast quantities of data generated by global shipping.


Shipping technology is booming, and we want to make these APIs available to developers and data teams across the industry to accelerate adoption of new and exciting applications.

Our APIs take care of the heavy lifting involved with using shipping data, allowing teams to focus resources on delivering applications to industry.


This API returns cleaned AIS data for any number of vessels.  The update frequency is customisable to adapt to any project's scope and budget.

Each API call returns

  • Vessel name

  • Vessel IMO

  • Vessel MMSI

  • Vessel call sign

  • Position date

  • Latitude

  • Longitude

  • Navigation Status

  • Rate of turn

  • Speed over ground

  • Course over ground

  • True heading

  • Ship type

  • Dimension to bow

  • Dimension to stern

  • Dimension to port

  • Dimension to starboard

  • ETA

  • Draught

  • Destination


A structured list of individual shipping movements

This API returns a structured data set of all individual shipping movements that satisfy a given criteria, for example all movements of a particular ship type, or all exports from a given port.

Each record includes details of the port (including terminal and berth, where available), the dates of entry and exit, and vessel details.


Reverse Maritime Geocoding for any coordinates

This API draws on our extensive polygon database, including details on approximately 7,500 ports worldwide, to return information about which of the following areas that position falls within:

  • Ocean / Sea

  • EEZ

  • Port Area

  • Berth


Machine learning driven vessel destination prediction

This API uses a series of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to return the most likely destination for any given vessel.


Returns the route and distance between any two points at sea

This API provides a high speed calculation of the sea route and distance between any two points at sea. Input data can either be a lat/lon position, or one of our 7,500 ports worldwide.

The high speed of the calculation allows this API to be combined with vessel location data to provide up-to-date distance and ETA estimates for one or multiple ships in real time.


Assess the piracy risk rating for a given route or vessel position

This API takes the proposed route of a vessel and returns details of the risk along that route from piracy or crime at sea at each waypoint.  An additional API returns the current risk to any given vessel from piracy or crime at sea, based on its current position and status.  We can also return the projected risk to any given vessel from piracy or crime at sea, at 6, 12, 18, and 24 hours hence, based on its proposed route and status.

Data is available in an RTZ compliant XML file for integration with other navigation systems.


Access our entire database of incidents

Present the data within your application or site  Use the data to generate your own risk assessments.

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