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Spacecraft in Orbit


AIS is a great way to track your vessels and your competitors in near-real time, but sometimes you need to support that data with other tracking methods.

MariTrace are experts in Inmarsat SAT-C vessel tracking and can ensure that your vessel remains visible to you even when it is transiting areas that suffer from a lack of good AIS coverage.

Using SAT-C, our systems can either show you your vessels' positions in our interface, or we can transmit the position data directly to you using our APIs so you and your team can use that data in your own systems.  We can even blend this with AIS data so you know you are always covered.

MariTrace's SAT-C data gives primary or backup visibility to vessels worldwide enabling our users to create a variety of resilient systems from visibility of their own vessels to PAYS provision for chart providers. 

If you would like us to contact you about SAT-C data, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

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