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Press Release: Bloomberg Expands Alternative Data Offering

Bloomberg announced that it has expanded its alternative data offering through Enterprise Access Point, the company’s web-based data marketplace, to include over 60 third-party providers. Since the product’s introduction in February 2019, this expansion represents a three-fold increase in the number of third-party alternative data vendors available through Enterprise Access Point. In addition to Bloomberg’s datasets, Data License clients are now able to access a much expanded catalog of curated alternative data, uniquely positioned to provide insights in today's market environment. “Over the past few years, we have seen demand for alternative data skyrocket as firms have integrated sophisticated insights into their investment strategies. This has only increased with the COVID-19 pandemic, as information once considered a value-add has now become essential to navigate a dislocated economy,” said Caroline Ward, Alternative and Historical Data Product Manager at Bloomberg. “The expansion of Enterprise Access Point ensures our clients have direct access to a wide range of alternative data, in conjunction with Bloomberg’s market-leading traditional financial data, so they can make informed and confident investment decisions.” Alternative data can be particularly useful when looking at recent world events like geopolitical changes and supply chain disruptions. Enterprise Access Point now features datasets specifically relevant to COVID-19. This includes data around: biotech and pharma, life events such as evictions and foreclosures, geopolitical risk, regional internet usage, social positioning scores, patent data on technology trends and brand discounting.

“At MariTrace we receive around 1.6 million messages per hour from vessels all over the world via satellite and terrestrial receivers. The process of analyzing that vast stream of data is something that we have spent years refining. However, creating a repository of information from our bespoke datasets is only half the story. Working with Bloomberg has provided a seamless and effective way for us to deliver this data directly to investors, without unnecessary hassle or barriers to us or end users,” said Thomas Owen, Managing Director with MariTrace which provides data on the worldwide movements of over 50,000 commercial ships between 7,500 ports and provides industry and commodity intelligence. “Kumi Analytics has worked with economists and earth observation scientists to develop an indicator signal of changes in economic activity and specifically GDP measurements by tracking night lights radiance values worldwide. Our signal data is a unique leading indicator which when integrated with additional contextual datasets, presents a full and nuanced story. We’re working with Bloomberg because its market leading data offering will provide a fuller picture to best serve investors, and Bloomberg’s impressive reach will help us bring our data to leading, sophisticated investors,” said Clinton Libbey, Managing Director at Kumi Analytics. Data License provides clients with seamless data access and integration, in addition to a high-quality, market-leading feed of alternative and traditional data. In May, Bloomberg announced major upgrades to Enterprise Access Point that significantly enhanced user functionality, including dataset creator and a self-service data marketplace. The data marketplace, which features a click-to-purchase option, empowers Data License clients to more easily discover, access and immediately use complex datasets. “We have made significant upgrades to Enterprise Access Point as demand for data has evolved in this environment of market volatility and remote work,” said Gerard Francis, Global Head of Enterprise Data at Bloomberg. “Clients will now have access to an unsurpassed, extensive collection of alternative data, and be able to seamlessly access and integrate it into their workflow faster than ever before, speeding up time to value.”


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